Week 1

Once one of the most profitable newspapers, USA Today has been experiencing a financial decline since 2009 and this week, 70 of its reporters have recently been let go due to cuts. Both the article and press release noted that the publication would invest its resources into competing against online news websites which would not only counter the losses of the print newspaper sales but be used as a model for other struggling newspapers in enhancing its overall profitability.

Due to the gradual contraction of the newspaper industry, publishers have been forced to consider other strategies in order to prevent its dissolution. Two of the nation’s most prestigious newspapers have begun to channel their focus on pursuing a more local strategy. The Washington Post and the New York Times have begun working collaboratively with smaller papers in which they offer their content in addition to what the dailies offer. By combining efforts to increase their digital presence, newspapers may be able to modernize its industry and maintain relevancy in an era of digital news consumption.

As the growth of online media becomes increasingly ubiquitous, news websites have begun to post more trivial content a way of generating traction and distinguishing themselves from other competitors. However such strategies have been maligned for degrading the quality of the overall journalism product. Yet while the superficial content may be deemed a distraction, it can also serve a greater purpose by luring in new readers to the more serious material.